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You've read about who I am and what I do, the next question is:

"Who are you? what do you do? And how can we work together to create a bolder and more brilliant you?"


I coach in a number of different ways, depending on whether clients wish to receive 1-to1 or group coaching, and depending on what kind of development you are looking for. 


If you're not sure which of my coaching services are right for you, drop me an email or give me a call and we'll have a chat to better understand your needs. 


Know what you need to do next?... Super, book your required session below and I'll be in touch to formalise a time and place. 


I look forward to getting to know you and to you getting to know yourself a little better...



Amanda​. ​​

Programmes & Workshops

1-to-1 Business Coaching 
Become the best you can be in business (and beyond)

In a ninety minute coaching session, I will work with you to clarify what business and career goals you wish to achieve, help you find solutions and create action plans that feel most appropriate and effective for you to be successful and feel fulfilled in your work - and life.

I draw from a range of psychology in coaching models, tools and techniques - including cognitive behavioural, emotional intelligence, neuroleadership, NLP, clean language, Gestalt, and mindfulness at work.

I am also a certified practitioner of the ECR (Emotional Capital Report) and 360 ECR, devised by RocheMartin (see below). So where relevant to leadership development goals I will discuss with clients the benefits of carrying out this online assessment.

The cost of a 1-to-1 business coaching session is £175 + VAT if you are self-funded, and £195 +VAT for organisations, for a minimum three-session programme. 

Tea & Empathy
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership taster workshops

What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it the most sought after skill set of the modern day business leader?  


Tea & Empathy is a practical, half-day workshop for business leaders interested in learning more about Emotional Intelligence. Together we examine and practise competencies such as empathy, self-confidence, optimism, adaptability and self-reliance.

The cost per workshop delegate is £95 + VAT for an afternoon taster workshop - cost includes private venue hire, delicious sundries and drinks. Volume discounts available for organisations wishing to make this workshop available to more staff, and/or on a regular basis. 

The next Tea & Empathy workshop is on Tuesday 27th September 2016, at The Anthologist, 58 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7BB. From 2pm - 5pm. 

Come and find out how to win friends and influence people as a business leader!

Emotional Intelligence - Individual Assessment
Define, measure and develop your EQ in Leadership

The highest performing business leaders are emotionally intelligent. They can win hearts, minds and move the dial substantially in terms of business value.  

Using RocheMartin's ECR (Emotional Capital Report), I work with business leaders to define, measure & develop their Emotional Intelligence. Find out how you compare your leadership competency strength to the best in class globally, and how you can increase your EQ to maximise your output as a business leader. 

This Individual EQ Assessment (the cost of ECR report and a 90-minute coaching session) is £265 + VAT.

Emotional Intelligence - 360 Assessment
Compare your self-assessment with stakeholder feedback 

Who you are, and how you come across - to staff, bosses and customers - in business can differ. And yet, it is your authenticity and your ability to inspire and motivate others towards success that will make you a great leader.  

Using the RocheMartin 360 ECR Report I work with business leaders to identify and embed better relationship skills, straightforwardness, adapatability, optimism, self-control and other EQ competencies. 

This 360 Assessment (cost of ECR report and a 90-minute coaching session) is £325 + VAT.

Back 2 Workshops
For professionals returning after a career break

Back 2 Workshops help parents and professionals who have taken career breaks to successfully transition back to the workplace, and also to create a better work/life balance moving forwards. 


Back 2 Workshops are supportive, collaborative and practical forums where professionals can share their challenges, experiences and objectives of parenthood and work, increase their confidence, overcome barriers to success, regain their professional value and find a better work/life balance. 

Back 2 Workshops are typically commissioned by organisational clients for their staff - either as a one day workshop or a quarterly 'drop in' programme; however we also run workshops once or twice a year depending on demand for self-funding individuals. 

The cost per delegate is £195 + VAT for a one-day workshop, assuming a minimum of 8 delegates. Volume discounts available for organisations wishing to make this workshop available to more staff, and/or on a regular basis. 

The Bird Table NW5
Business development groups for local working women in Tufnell Park, Archway, Dartmouth Park, Highgate & Kentish Town

Birds of a feather flock together. And the collective intelligence of women in business is empowering and game-changing. 

The Bird Table is a nationwide network of small, confidential, affordable business groups which support, challenge and champion women to fly high in business. And I run a group in my local area of north London. The ethos is supportive, challenging, confidential and safe. This is not networking, or selling.  This is a place to focus on your own business challenges.

The next quarterly programme of the Bird Table NW5 starts in September 2016. The Table meets once a month for two hours and costs £180 + VAT for three sessions. 

The Bird Table DMT 
Business development group for Women in Digital, Media & Technology

I also run a Bird Table programme for women working in digital, media or technology roles or businesses. This is a confidential, intimate group thinking environment that leverages the collective intelligence of the group to help busy business women to think better, set tighter goals and improve their performance in work.

The Bird Table provides an opportunity to work with like-minded, professional women. You will

benefit from the power of thinking in a small group, which is supportive and safe, yet provides

challenge. Over the three sessions, you will build your thinking and raise your performance, all within an environment of collaboration, trust and confidentiality.

The next quarterly programme of the Bird Table DMT starts in September 2016. The Table meets once a month for two hours in central London and costs £240 + VAT for three sessions.

The Intelligencia
Dining & development for inspiring, brave & compassionate leaders

The Intelligencia is an exclusive evening dining club for exceptional business leaders. 

Our mission is to fuel a collective of emotionally intelligent role models who will change the business world for the better. 

The Intelligencia will next dine on Wednesday, 21st September 2016, at The Anthologist, 58 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7BB. From 6pm - 10pm. 


The cost for joining the Intelligencia dining experience is £60 + VAT per person. Please bring: your courage, curiosity and clever ideas; challenge, support and nourishment (a three-course meal with wine and soft drinks) will be provided to help you to go forth and kick ass!

Contact me

Tel +44 (0) 7879 885 418

Email amanda@amandadavie.co.uk

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