Bottoms Up, 2016! We're shaken but not stirred

Season’s Greetings to one and all! Only two or three weeks to go until the much needed Christmas break so hang in there, team! After “the skid mark of all shitty years” (as per the lyric of the inspired “2016 Song” by Flo and Joan), I have decided to gift you a much-needed pep now it's December! A recipe for an uplifting cocktail of drugs – yes, drugs - for you and your team to enjoy before closing the office for Christmas. So forget the Pornstar Martini; I give you the Davie Daiquiri – shaken by 2016, but not stirred… Ingredients (“What drugs will we need?”)

  1. Oxytocin – for team bonding, camaraderie and a sense of belonging;

  2. Dopamine – for cognition, learning, attention, memory, reward and positive motivation;

  3. Serotonin – to reduce anxiety and allow for creative thinking;

  4. GABA (Gamma-aminobutyic acid) – to create a sense of calmness and relaxation among the team.

Method (“How do we get some?”)

  1. Grab a colleague, give them a hug, tell them a joke or have sex with them (outside of office hours and only assuming your employment contract permits);

  2. Ask said colleague what their plans for Christmas are. And listen, with exquisite attention for five minutes without interruption;

  3. Take said colleague for a walk around the office or even the block. Practise breathing (highly recommended) and ask which achievement they’re most proud of in 2016. Get your empathy pumping. Or do some power posing in the office loo;

  4. Make like Google and Uber and take an afternoon nap in the office sleep pod, unroll a yoga mat and do the downward dog, or grab another colleague and tell them what you’ve appreciated most about them in 2016.

The Davie Daiquiri provides a guaranteed shot of relaxation and happiness to compliment office Christmas celebrations after a challenging year. It's fast becoming the favourite tipple of the successful business leader! Disclosure: I am neither a professional mixologist nor a neuroscientist! But as a business coach I have seen the benefits of helping clients build better awareness of how the brain functions, improve performance and reduce anxiety at work. So go on, sup up! Have a great Christmas and I'll see some of you on the other side for another year of professional growth. Amanda & team X (the written short-cut for a virtual shot of oxytocin)

#2016lessons #neuroscience #neurochemicals #teambonding #mixology #braincare #2016

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