I coach business leaders, change agents, and professionals undergoing significant change - and predominantly in transformational roles and in fast-growth sectors like digital, media and technology. As a past-pioneer and leader of the digital media industry I have walked in their shoes, feel their pain, and have achieved success in environments where there is no predetermined path or template. We were bold, brave and allowed our curiosity to fuel our success. 


I also coach professionals before, during, or after a career break, to help them to plan what's next or to prepare for the return back to work. For years I fought - and won – my own battle to become a mum, and I also know from personal experience how returning parents especially can feel a loss of confidence and self-belief coming back to work, given the huge personal and societal pressures of parenthood. I believe that everyone can find a happy and successful balance, but it takes hard work, strength and support. 

Who I coach

For me, and for many of my clients, coaching can facilitate some life-changing insights that can be applied to the immediate context of work, and beyond. By developing tools to help ourselves affect and lead change - from the inside out - can lead to great success and happiness. 


I care passionately about professionals and how they need to adapt to the exponential technological change in business today, in order to remain valuable  and maximise their potential to achieve great things in our world. I have also learnt not to fear change but to embrace and change with it.


My job is to empower modern day business leaders to think out of the box - boldly - and to lead their organisations through today's exciting technological revolution.

Why I coach

Contact me

Tel +44 (0) 7879 885 418

Email amanda@amandadavie.co.uk

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